Healthy sleep
with the natural
power of Oranges

Healthy sleep
with the natural power
of Oranges

Hotels and hospitals


Hotels are a potential major customer for each POTEMA® service provider. Here it is important to convince as well the contact person for housekeeping as the management. It is best to arrange an appointment on site and do the cleaning mattresses in a random room, which can be selected by the hotel manager. As well the hotel manager as also the housekeeping should attend the test cleaning to see how much dirt is stuck in one mattress. In addition to the results of the test cleaning are still more arguments to illustrate the benefits of the hotel:


Each guest is entitled to a hygienic bed – Hygiene is one of the most sensitive issues at all hotel-review sites on the Internet – The DEHOGA (the German Hotel and Restaurant Association) awards for the star hotels according to a point process. Regular cleaning of the hotel beds bring the hotel like 10 points (the maximum). – Letting mattresses be cleaned regularly, the hotel has a unique feature compared to other competitors. – The application of POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray gives the guest with fresh odor in addition a subjective feeling of cleanliness. – The presentation of cleaning certificates and seals of approval illustrate the guest that the hotel hygiene is important.

Spa Hotels

Spa Hotels should be distinguished by a particularly high degree of customer orientation. – Healthy sleep as part of the recovery value – Positive room air through pleasant fresh scent of POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray
Hotels for allergic persons
Minimization of house dust for all guests – Cleaning of the mattress is essential, even if later called encasings (protective covers) should be about. Without cleaning house dust and dirt is trapped in the encasings – risk of mold growth!


In hospitals, all material is disinfected, the bedsteads. In many hospitals, however, the cleaning and disinfection of mattresses is still an unsolved problem. By the deep cleansing of the mattress in connection with an energy-intensive irradiation with UVC light mattresses are largely freed of dust and dirt and surface sterilized. Complete sterilization of materials is practically impossible, however, the optimal results can be achieved by UV – irradiation. At the hospital, every patient expects a high level of hygiene. In contrast, there are daily sick, infectious and bleeding patients on mattresses that are used very long. The mere exchange of bedding prevents any possible transmission of diseases. Here, a regular cleaning is required.

Daycare centers, kindergartens, homes

In all areas where several people sleep together, a regular mattress cleaning is not only useful but also necessary. Particularly in daycare, it is important to protect the “little ones“ before an early exposure to house dust mites or mite feces. This is particularly important because the children do not always sleep on the same mattress. An increase of dust mites is fast through saliva, drinking bottles, urine and other things. Since many parents place great emphasis on hygiene in nurseries and kindergartens, each of these care organizations can take care of this desire of the parents through regular mattress cleaning.

They can laugh easily!
Their mattress is mite-free!

Original POTEMA® Mattress cleaning:

• Thorough cleaning of your mattress with the unique mattress cleaning system
• Extermination of bacteria and microorganisms by high-frequent UV-light
• Anti-Mite treatment after the cleaning process


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