Healthy sleep
with the natural
power of Oranges

Healthy sleep
with the natural power
of Oranges

Effect of cleaning

Through the deep cleaning with the POTEMA® mattress cleaning system, the accumulations are pulverized inside the mattress and removed with a vacuum, precisely matched to mattresses. Thus the mass of the allergy-causing mite feces is removed. Not only are the dust mite feces, and almost all dust mites are removed from the mattress. This will help to prevent an infestation quickly. The mattress is again much better ventilated after cleaning and again offers sleeping comfort.

POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray inactivates the allergenic components of mite feces. The remaining mite becomes harmless and does not trigger allergic reactions more prominent. POTEMA®® Mattress Clean Spray material is harmless, suitable for all mattresses and leaves a fresh scent.

They can laugh easily!
Their mattress is mite-free!

Original POTEMA® Mattress cleaning:

• Thorough cleaning of your mattress with the unique mattress cleaning system
• Extermination of bacteria and microorganisms by high-frequent UV-light
• Anti-Mite treatment after the cleaning process


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