Healthy sleep
with the natural
power of Oranges

Healthy sleep
with the natural power
of Oranges

Why mattress cleaning?

Mattresses are not washable. Dust mites and microbes find ideal living conditions in mattresses.

Dander, dust, sweat, etc. feed mites with nutrients. Even the densest sheets cannot protect these particles. In an average household mattress, there are up to two million dust mites! They produce mite feces that trigger allergies.

The mite feces leaks through the motions from the mattress to the surrounding. Mite feces are one of the causes of house dust allergies with itching, mucosal inflammation and bronchitis.

How does the mattress cleaning work?

The POTEMA® mattress cleaning machine produces high frequency oscillations. The dirt particles are released inside the mattress, pulverised and removed by a vacuum which is exactly adapted to the mattress.

At the same time an intense UV radiation causes extensive destruction of bacteria, viruses and spores. The cleaning process is harmless to material, suitable for all mattresses and causes no noise or dust. It is harmless to people and the environment.

Process of the mattress cleaning

1. Test cleaning of a small part of the mattress. Thereby the degree of contamination is determined and the allergen load is tested. Main cleaning of the entire mattress.

2. Duration about 20 minutes at cleaning both sides (approx. size 100 x 200 cm)

3. Allergen inactivation, refreshing, stain treatment with POTEMA® mattress-clean spray made of natural resources.

4. Attaching the POTEMA® test seal on the cleaned mattress.

5. Purification protocol.

6. Issuing a certificate for hotels, hospitals, homes etc. The mattresses can remain in bed during cleaning. Recommended cleaning interval: 6 up to 24 months, depending on the load POTEMA® mattress clean spray.

POTEMA® mattress clean spray


  • 95% Isopronaol (cosmetic quality)
  • 5% mixture of natural essential oils (containing sweet orange oil)

Description of effect:

POTEMA® mattress clean spray inactivates the allergenic components in house dust mite feces. The surface of mattresses is neutralized of allergenic ingredients. Germs and bacteria can be exterminated by sufficient use of POTEMA® mattress clean spray.

Product group:

POTEMA® mattress clean spray is an anti-allergic  product for textile surfaces such as mattresses, carpets, curtains.

POTEMA® mattress clean spray is not made for disinfecting surfaces of mattresses. Due to this it should not be classified as disinfectant. POTEMA® mattress clean spray is not affected by European biocide guideline.

The effectiveness was tested and confirmed by independent institutes in Germany:


The following hotels and institutions are already satisfied customers of POTEMA®:

Hotel Burj-al-Arab, Dubai

(POTEMA®-Mattress cleaning)

Hotel Adlon, Berlin

(POTEMA®-Mattress cleaning)

Hotel Adler Thermae, Italien

(POTEMA®-Mattress cleaning)

Hotel Parque Santiago, Teneriffa

(POTEMA®-Mattress cleaning)

… and many more !

They can laugh easily!
Their mattress is mite-free!

Original POTEMA® Mattress cleaning:

• Thorough cleaning of your mattress with the unique mattress cleaning system
• Extermination of bacteria and microorganisms by high-frequent UV-light
• Anti-Mite treatment after the cleaning process


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