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We are proud to be the first to offer POTEMA® cleaning system services in the UK.

Our company specializes in professional mattress cleaning with the application of POTEMA® system which originated and got patented in Germany in 1989.

Our aim is to continually promote and expand our services across the UK.

The main objective is to cooperate with hospitals, hotels, B&Bs, student accommodation and private houses. We not only professionally clean mattresses from dust mites, bacteria, excrement and other allergens but also we disinfect and neutralize odours. We are passionate about providing our customers with an immaculate service, which comes at an entirely affordable price, saving customer’s time and unnecessary paper work. It is environment friendly for the reason that we do not use chemicals and toxic additives; the products are 100% natural. POTEMA® cleaning system has been recognized and awarded by various institutions internationally.

Mattress is not an easy item to clean, and when it comes to public accommodation, when beds are used continuously by incoming guests, it is highly advisable to keep the mattresses hygienic to meet with the customer’s satisfaction. We can assure you that no home technique can match ours and will be as effective as the deep natural mattress cleaning. We are going to support you in meeting and exceeding your clients expectations of high hygienic standards and therefore improve prosperity of your own business.



The history of POTEMA® cleaning system

1989 – International patent for the unique POTEMA® mattress cleaning system, International protection of the trademark POTEMA®
1990 – Awarding of the first licenses to POTEMA® service-partners in Germany. National fame of POTEMA® by television.
1995 – Certificate on the effectiveness of POTEMA®-mattress cleaning-system by the internationally renowned Institute Biohygiene Elsass, Mundolsheim.
1998 – Sale of POTEMA®-mattress clean spray at different teleshopping channels.
2003 – Development of the Anti-SARS-disinfection-spray, certificate of effectiveness by different federal institutes.
2008 – Development of the SemiDry®-cleaning system for carpets and upholstery.
2013 – Strengthening of the business activities by force of Ayono Chemie GmbH

They can laugh easily!
Their mattress is mite-free!

Original POTEMA® Mattress cleaning:

• Thorough cleaning of your mattress with the unique mattress cleaning system
• Extermination of bacteria and microorganisms by high-frequent UV-light
• Anti-Mite treatment after the cleaning process


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